BLM Colorado

BLM Colorado

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BLM Programs and Partners Cohost Veterans Fishing Gala


Every spring, thousands of American and Hickory shad return to the Potomac River in Washington, DC, and so does the annual Fletcher's Boathouse Veterans Family Shad Fishing Gala. The event, now in its third year, is co-hosted by BLM Eastern States and FishingCommunity.Org. It offers members of our veteran community the opportunity to interact with BLM's programs and to spend time together in a common life passion - fishing together in a fantastic and historic setting. 

This year's event was held on April 21, a day that brought perfect weather conditions and an excellent shad run. Wounded veterans and their family members from the D.C. area were guided by BLM WO and Eastern States Office staff for some exciting shad fishing action. Several programs from the Washington Office participated in the event, including Fisheries and Aquatics, Recruitment and Retention, Planning, Riparian, and Law Enforcement.

Wounded hero and guide team up on another successful catch

The event is a community fishing application of the Fisheries for Veterans Project (, a national service model developed by FishingCommunity.Org and the BLM. It uses America's public lands and fishing resources to bring wounded heroes, their families, and public lands aquatic resources together in order to create programs and events that promote the rehabilitational, recreational, and educational power of local communities and resources. 
Shad Gala Group

In addition to fishing events, the F4V Project also works to increase involvement among veterans and their family members in public aquatic resource stewardship and habitat improvement programs.

All Fisheries for Veterans Project activities are free of charge and open to all veterans and their family members, of any disability or any service campaign.